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REISSUE OF 'Today I Hate The Sun' along with some new edits!

Due to multiple requests I am reissuing my last chapbook 'Today I Hate The Sun' (originally published in 2018). 


Because of the current pandemic this reissue will only be published as a PDF and will be emailed to you once purchased

The proceeds from this reissue will all be donated to Bed-Stuy Strong. A mutual aid network helping bring food and groceries to people living in the Bed-Stuy area. Specifically neighbors who are elderly, immunocompromised, disabled or can no longer afford the amount of groceries they need to survive in light of mass job layoffs and the price gouging we're seeing in stores due to gentrification and the overall pandemic. 

Because there is no physical copy of this reissue I will only be charging $7 for the PDF. If you don't have $7 to spare but want a copy please let me know. If you can give more please do! 

If you have any question please contact me here


Venmo: @cocogmx

Please include your email in the note section so I know where to send the PDF! My venmo is set to private so no one but me will see this.